If you have ever found yourself struggling to make ends meet, or are having difficulty with some accounts where monies may be owed and that appear to be financial roadblocks, you should contact Alliance Law Firm to see if we can help.

We take a creative approach to your problems because each case has a unique set of facts. After evaluating those facts along with each client’s circumstances, we then figure out what would be the best possible option. While some solutions may be obvious, others are not necessarily as clear-cut, but we really enjoy talking with people and explaining their legal rights as well as options.

If you are not sure if we could help or not, that is okay because the call is free to have a consultation with us. Why wonder if your rights are being trampled upon? Let us talk about what happened and, whether there is something we can do to help. Using a lawyer to represent you in these situations makes the most sense from an overall financial standpoint. Because of an attorney’s experience and knowledge, they serve as your advocate in order to reach a more advantageous result on your behalf. If you are sued by your creditor to recover on a debt, an attorney should represent you to attain a favorable outcome.

Using a lawyer also means that you have strong consumer protections. Most states have recovery funds for clients who are victimized by their lawyers. Also, most attorneys carry malpractice insurance to provide a recovery mechanism for clients who suffer loss because of lawyer error. Most lawyers, for as maligned as they often are in the press, adhere to a demanding code of ethics that require them to charge a reasonable fee and perform the service set forth in their agreement with their clients.

Keep in mind that only an attorney can provide legal advice as to whether or not a matter should proceed through litigation as well as a variety of other possible scenarios or alternatives. Debt settlement companies, credit counseling, and debt consolidation businesses cannot represent you in court if you are sued by creditors, they cannot give you legal advice, and they cannot represent you in court when you have the opportunity to sue creditors and collectors for violating your rights – ONLY attorneys can do so.

Alliance Law Firm handles debt litigation and will provide you with recommendations for your financial circumstances. We will attempt to keep you out of court while achieving the best possible outcome under your circumstances. But if you are sued, Alliance Law will also represent you in court and zealously defend you.

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