Claim Denied? Call the Lawyers at Alliance Law Firm

When you suffer a loss, whether it is damage to your property, damage to your vehicle, injury to yourself, or something else, you expect your insurance company to have your back. After all, that is why you have an insurance policy. And that is also why if your claim is denied, you might feel lost. Why were you paying for insurance if your insurance provider won’t fully resolve your claim? You have not been getting a discount with your insurance policy premiums, so why should the insurance companies attempt to get away by undervaluing your claim or denying it all together?Having a legitimate insurance claim denied is unfair, but unfortunately, not uncommon. That is why the Alliance Law Firm is committed to helping individuals like you receive compensation when your insurer is not playing fair. We will help you by going through the legal system in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

Why Are Insurance Claims Denied?

Claims are most often denied by insurance companies because they want to save money at your expense. Insurers frequently avoid paying claims or make it very difficult for you to get benefits to which you are entitled. Here are some other things that your insurance company may do when they deny or avoid your claim:

Alliance Law Insurance Claims

  • An insurer’s failure to promptly respond to questions or concerns of the claimant.
  • An attempt by the insurer to settle a claim for less than a reasonable amount.
  • The insurance company requests an unreasonable amount of paperwork or documents.
  • The insurance company claims to not have enough information.
  • The insurance company fails to explain why they are avoiding or denying your claim.

The same goes for other types of insurance. If your home is damaged in some way that is not listed in your homeowner’s insurance, your claim may be denied. If your car is totaled, your insurer may try to say that you are at fault for the damage. Insurance companies have to deny a certain number of claims to stay profitable, and if yours is part of this number, you need an experienced law firm to help you.

What To Do If A Claim Is Denied

When you have an insurance claim denied, your reflex will most likely be to panic. After all, you expected money to pay for the peril at hand; now, you are being told that you will have to find another way to pay. Most people can’t pay for a roof replacement out of pocket and or simply purchase a new car at the drop of a hat. This is why when insurance companies deny your claim, you need to have an avenue to fight for the justice you deserve. Here’s what you can do:

  •  First, contact an expert lawyer. The attorneys at the Alliance Law Firm have been assisting clients like you for years. We can bring peace of mind to a process that is confusing and complicated.
  • Next, start compiling information about your claim for personal use, such as correspondences and photographs. This will be helpful later on should the matter proceed through litigation and trial.

Alliance Law Firm will help you sue your insurer for the money owed to you after they have either undervalued or denied your property damage claim. Insurance companies are notorious for finding ways to deny their customers’ payment for claims. We are here to make sure you have the tools to stand up to your insurer.

Dealing with insurance companies is a discouraging and stressful process. We can help. If you need advice asserting your rights with an insurance issue, give us a call at (561) 898-0351 for a free consultation.