IRS tax problems with the Internal Revenue Service never disappear by themselves. For things to change, you need to take that first step. Tax problems tend to worsen with each passing day and interest as well as penalties accrue each day without pausing for holidays or weekends. If you do not solve your IRS problems, then your tax issues could lead to less and less available money.

At first, your IRS tax problems might seem like a minor burden. You will quickly learn over time that tax problems take over every aspect of your daily life. Such problems might even take a physical and emotional toll on your body. Lack of sleep, constant stressing, and feelings of desperation become heavier and heavier over time. No matter what you do, your IRS problems and overdue taxes will never disappear into the wind without action.

If you owe IRS back taxes, are the victim of IRS collections, you cannot afford to pay off your IRS tax debt, or you want to negotiate a settlement with IRS, we can help you. The lawyers at Alliance Law Firm have been helping individuals and businesses with tax filings and disputes for over 40 years, including admission to the United States Tax Court.

Protect yourself, your family, home and job from the tactics of the IRS. Our Firm is ready to assist you with any tax audit, IRS offer in compromise, liens & levies, challenging penalties & interest, stopping wage garnishment, setting up installment agreements, past due returns and tax court.

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