The foreclosure defense attorneys at the Alliance Law Firm are focused primarily on providing outstanding legal representation and exceptional personal service. We firmly believe that as long as we focus first on serving our clients’ best interests, everything else we do will naturally follow from there. This philosophy is paramount in every facet of our representation in foreclosure defense matters.

Our attorneys have acquired a complete understanding of all applicable state/federal statutes and case law pertaining to foreclosure law in order to help clients facing foreclosure. Unlike some law firms focusing on the wrong priorities, the Alliance Law Firm has a profound commitment to helping people who are struggling to keep their homes. We have developed and honed an approach that focuses on creating leverage against the lender by applying a wide array of legal, ethical, and yet aggressive defenses. We then combine this leverage with a steady stream of objective fair-market value information in order continually educate the lender why they will be far better off working out something with you, than they will be in foreclosing on the subject property. Whether you desire a loan modification, short sale, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, or principal reduction, the approach is very similar. We have to turn the bargaining power by using leverage and education to help increase the odds for our clients to obtain the specific result they want. At Alliance Law Firm we have helped clients obtain every possible resolution available, even the rare but possible principal reduction.

Unfortunately, too many homeowners choose not to seek help from an attorney when they are dealing with foreclosure. The majority of those homeowners will either lose their property when they could have held onto it, or they will have their home taken too soon when they could have stayed there for months, or even years longer.

Our country’s history is filled with examples of people who have struggled financially but then have gone on to become famously wealthy. They all reclaimed their part of the American Dream and we want to help you reclaim yours! Let the lawyers and staff of the Alliance Law Firm serve you.

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