Palm Beach, FL – June 18, 2014 – For close to a century, the St. Edward Church located in Palm Beach, Florida has been a selfless pillar to the community. From preparing 750 meals a week and delivering them to local food pantries, to hosting various meetings and Town Council ceremonies, St. Edward’s parish continues evoke the goodwill of its parishioners and visitors. Luminaries like John F. Kennedy and his extended family are just a few of the better known members of the church that have called St. Edward “home.”  Over the course of time, St. Edward has been continually blessed by the generosity of its parishioners in order to address needs such as support for various related programs and maintaining the beautiful Spanish Renaissance architecture of the parish. As a matter of fact, St. Edward has not only been designated as a historical building, but it also has earned very prestigious awards for its preservation.
However, for the better part of 2014, St. Edward has been undergoing a restoration of its front façade due to age and structural damages. The resources necessary to complete St. Edward’s renovation before the end of this year are not possible without the generosity of its parishioners like Otto E. Bergés and his son Sebastien, who was recently baptized at the parish. According to Mr. Bergés, “There was no hesitation on my part to help enable St. Edward to look beautiful and ensure that it stays aesthetically and structurally sound for years to come… I also wanted my son to have roots in the community from early on as he was born literally just down the street at Good Samaritan. But more importantly, to ensure that Sebastien grows up with a strong and spiritual sense of selflessness  just like I was taught when I was his age.”
Plans to complete the freshening of the façade at St. Edward continue on pace. All of the scaffolds presently blemishing this otherwise beautiful parish for these past several months will hopefully be soon be forgotten. Plans to engrave the names of all substantial donors to the church’s renovations in a plaque that will be permanently affixed to the church, including Otto and Sebastien Bergés, will follow upon completion of the vast work undertaken. For additional information on St. Edward Church, please visit or call (561) 832-0400.

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